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  • Ricardo Henley
    From: Anonymous

    To Jessica Latham:

    You may think you have all the answers when you don’t know squat about true darkness. I’m glad it’s all knew to you on the way it was this year after your big blinder at your former job.

    You may know some darkness but you can hide among the other drones where you belong. Hiding behind that million dollar smile, blonde hair and weepy eyes often put out or are out for real. The latter is how I met you and despite your intense self-centered and entitled ways at times, I liked and still crazily like you,

    You are severely self-involved and selective text like a Barbie doll bimbo to which you are not. If you were, I’d never have talked to you as they’re plastic like much of society aka fake and dense.

    You’re very dense but mainly about communication and the darkness. The latter you should be happy about as you’re mild if that, but don’t pretend you know me or what guys like me have let alone girls. You know a tiny bit, or I’d be hiding somewhat in plain sight like you as I did when younger if it were manageable. You’re lucky and I envy you. My son.

    You’re not a drone although you pretend to be. You said you don’t care what anyone thinks about you but I said 2 words and you came off like a narcissist with intense defensiveness and combativeness for over a month. Said to forgave me and took something acting nice but back to more crazy over the top insults. Some was fair given my part but a lot was just plain nuts. Fascinating.

    Was a bit surprising for an often sweet, fragile. nice girl. Notice I said fragile. You are. It’s one reason I liked you, was you were emotional and sweet when not lost in your own arrogant head and having to have it only your way pr you split.

    Without your controlling of conversations you crap on others and bolt. It doesn’t work like that and of all people should know the world isn’t puppy dogs and’re not dumb but you are on specific subjects big time. It’s why I exploded on your hypocrisy and contradictory actions. You always have to be right just like my fake sister. You’re both wrong and in denial. Both by choice not one worse off than you big seemingly nicer when she also hides.

    Despite all the crap on York end and mine j am sorry for my part. I think you’re so desperate to be what you once were again that anything new or too much for you you split. I get it as you need simple.

    I’m the direct opposite. I question everything, am overly curious and sometimes card way too much despite sometimes having other motives. With you, however, Al I did was selflessly help you for months when I didn’t have to.

    The why had many reasons but they mainly were you. I may be a lost cause to most of you drones, but at least I’m real. It’s why I am often called names or mocked because I am nothing like any of you. Yet despite how oblivious, dense, robotic and fake most of you are, I envy your simplicity that is compared to dark fcks like me.

    You’re likable when you’re honest with yourself and others. You’re all is gigantic but some of it makes sense outside of your narcissistic ways which are unnecessary. You know they’re there however and lie often about them to save face,

    I apologize for my part as it bothers me. Do you feel anything that isn’t self involved and over the top? Constantly controlling conversations to make it all so fake like the people you hide amongst. You’re better than they are. At least you are to a freak like me.

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