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FAQ | Tellitize

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Tellitize is a portal that can be used to state your opinions about people, businesses, and news topics
Yes, we want a place to create TRUE perceptions of people and businesses. Honesty can help these people better themselves, however, no forms of Bullying will ever be acceptable and will be strictly monitored and is prohibited.
No, this will not reveal any information whatsover other than whether or not the general public thinks the message is true or false. A poll of sort.
The Anonymous option keeps your identity 100% hidden. Nobody will ever know you posted the message.
Yes, if you click on the Title of the post, you will then see an option to email the post to somebody Anonymously, or as yourself.
No, the email will be sent to the recipient from our email address. In no way will your identity or email be revealed.
Yes, this will be sent from YOUR email address that you used to register your Tellitize profile.

If you create a post anonymously and not as yourself, even while logged in with Facebook or Twitter accounts, your identity or profile picture will NOT be displayed. However, if you COMMENT on a post, this will show your profile pic only. Not your name.

Here at Tellitize, you may add your High School, Employer, or any other place that your daily life consist of. We have termed these as Places of Discussions (PODS). Groups may also be added. A group is anything that cannot be classifed as a Place. Such as a belief or organization.

In each Group or POD you add, you may also add names of people that you know whom are associated with that Group or POD. You may Tellitize them from within the Groups and PODS. Emails will be generated to them if you know their email address. Also, when a person with the same name joins Tellitize, it will ask them if they are associated with they Group or POD and they have the ability to Join as well. You will be alerted by email when this occurs.


Certainly, please use the Contact Us page to alert us of the post. We strictly prohibit bullying and it will not be tolerated. Removal of false claims and accusations will be considered as well.

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